Company profile

My activity in the poultry sector began more than twenty years ago with the management of breeding and hatchers for third parties. This was an interesting experience that made it possible for me to acquire a thorough knowledge through first hand experience of the problems and the best methods for breeding almost all poultry species.

Later I devoted my efforts exclusively to commercial brokering in the poultry sector, especially hatching eggs and one-day-old chicks of all species.

This second phase of my professional career enabled me to create a substantial network of commercial contacts between Italian and foreign companies, at the same time broadening my knowledge of the national and European Community poultry market.

Today my objective is to extend my commercial brokerage to the countries of Eastern Europe and create a network of new contacts between companies in Italy and of these new dynamic markets.

Services provided in addition to brokering:

  • Drafting of sales contracts and provision of suitable consultant services.
  • It is possible to arrange a meeting in the main European Poultry Fairs.
  • New companies are contacted on behalf of third parties.
  • The products mentioned are those dealt with regularly every day, however, it is possible to obtain the entire range of the poultry sector depending on market availability.
  • Transport of the goods can be organised also by means of air or sea carriers.